Flowergirl custom petticoat from £28

Flowergirl custom petticoat from £28


Custom | 50s style luxury net petticoat

• Full net petticoat
• Net layers + lining layer

• Custom made to order
• Satin trim can be added to top layer (recommended) or all layers.

Create fabulous volume under your 50s style dresses and skirts with these top quality luxury petticoats.

How many layers do I need?

We recommend two 2 layer ready made petticoats or a custom made petticoat with at least 3 layers to go with our wedding dresses.
For illustrations, please click here. We recommend at least 2 layers with our unlined dresses.

Colours: See net colour chart

Waist: Custom (up to 26')
Length: Custom (up to 20")

Please check length against your skirt length
We recommend at least 3 layers for a good amount of volume under our wedding dresses.


4-5 weeks, if you need it faster please email!

If you want a combination not listed here please email us with your requirements for a quote or to purchase.

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Flowergirl Petticoat Waist:
Flowergirl Petticoat number of layers:
Flowergirl Petticoat Trim:
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